These days Adolescent face health and menstrual problems because of lifestyle changes. We conduct adolescent clinic with focus on counseling for life style modifications along with necessary investigations and treatment.

We have full-fledged infertility clinic with facilities for counseling, investigations, ultrasound scan, Laparohysteroscopy and treatments upto IUI under one roof.

We run Antenatal clinic with facilities for investigation and scanning facilities with Doppler study. We take care of high risk pregnancy, counseling regarding diet. antenatal exercises and postnatal exercises classes are run by experts.

Menopause clinic are run with focus on master health check-up, screening procedure, counseling regarding diet. Exercises and life style modifications.

Cancer screening done with pap smear, colposcopy and TV sonography and mammogram.

well women clinic is run for women above 30 yrs. with master health check-up, cancer screening and counseling regarding life style changes.

We take care to detect High risk pregnancy and manage these cases with special investigations like Doppler study and electronic foetal monitoring and lab investigation and necessary treatment.